MPD41000 Aluminum Spacer

Brand: MPD Racing
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SKU: MPD41000
size: 2.55 W × 0.75 H × 2.60 L
Weight: 0.03 LBS

MPD Racing MPD41000 Cone Spacer 1in Aluminum

Tapered Spacer, 1/2 in ID, Aluminum, Natural, Universal, Each

Our Billet Aluminum Cone Spacer is used on Radius Rods, Steering Arms, Pitman Arms, Torsion Arms & Shocks. Anywhere you need a 1/2" fastener for a Rod End or Mono Ball swivel without interference.This Product is Manufactured in the USA out of Materials from the USA.


Product Info  
Alternate Description
Part Number
Vendor Part Number
Package Weight
0.03 lbs
0.01 kg
Package Length
2.6 in
6.60 cm
Package Width
2.55 in
6.48 cm
Package Height
0.75 in
1.91 cm

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