Sprint Car & Midget Front Hub Bearing Spacer

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Sprint Car & Midget Front Hub Bearing Spacer

Patented Adjustable Bearing Spacers increase wheel spin by over 1200%.
Installing MPD bearing spacers will increase how freely your car rolls, putting more horsepower to the track and decreasing corner drag.
Spacers can be used with Standard Tapered Roller Bearings or Angular Contact Ball Bearings. Once adjusted for your hub. You simply lock down your spindle nut for a perfect set of Freewheeling Bearings.


Sprint Car & Midget Front Hub Bearing Spacer US Patent No. 6,312.162
Step 1: With bearings clean & dry (no grease), adjust bearing spacer out to a width of .550”. This is a good starting point for Sprint Car & Midget front Hubs.
Step 2: Install hub with bearing spacer between bearings. Completely tighten spindle nut. Rock hub to check for endplay in the bearings. If no endplay is noticed, adjust spacer out longer & repeat step 2 until endplay exists.
Step 3: Remove spacer & adjust in (shorter) until most endplay is removed. To increase accuracy & performance, use a dial caliper or micrometer & measure the spacer height & adjust in (shorter) .001” to .002” per try until proper endplay has been achieved. (.001” endplay typical).
Be sure to completely tighten spindle nut each time. Once proper endplay is achieved. We recommend using Blue Thread Locker through the set screw hole on spacer threads to prevent accidental adjustment. Set screw can then be installed just to plug the hole with Loctite in it. Do Not over tighten set screw or you will damage the threads. Finger snug is good enough. Loctite will hold it in.
Your goal is to set the hub bearings with zero bearing preload & no more than .001” endplay.