Light Torque Collar & Tube - 27"

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8.00 LBS
Light Torque Collar & Tube - 27"

MPD's NEW HD Torque Tube & Collar is the Strongest & Stiffest in the Industry. The Collar is a full 3" longer than than our old style collar. This elliminates Torque Tube Flex. Giving you more Forward Bite, Better handling & less wear on your driveline components.

Lite Torque Collar & Tube - 26 5/8” MPD Aluminum Anodized Torque Tubes are turned to a 3.0” OD to ensure a .005 clearance fit between the torque ball and torque tube. All torque tube assemblies are supplied with an O-Ring. The torque collars have been lightened with a ball mill to decrease weight.

This Product is Manufactured & Assembled in the USA out of Materials from the USA.

Some Brands Claim to be made in the USA, however they are using inferior materials from Overseas.