47500 Repair Tool Bumper & Nerf Spud

Brand: MPD Racing
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SKU: MPD47500
size: 4.00 W × 1.00 H × 10.25 L
Weight: 1.25 LBS

MPD Racing Repair Tool Bumper & Nerf Spud MPD47500

T-Handle Wrench, Bumper and Nerf Spud, Steel, Zinc Oxide, Each Fits All Sprint Car 1” & Midget 7/8” Bumper & Nerf Spuds. Simply drive the tool into the Damaged or Bent Spud with a dead blow hammer. Once it is all the way into the Spud hit the other end of the tool to move the Spud up, down, right or left to straighten. If the spud is split, you can use the tool as an anvil to hammer the spud split back together & weld the split portion of the Spud. Made in USA

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Part Number
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Package Weight
1.25 lbs
0.57 kg
Package Length
10.25 in
26.04 cm
Package Width
4 in
10.16 cm
Package Height
1 in
2.54 cm

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